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MF Twister and Ableton reset control to default

Submitted by nocompromise on Thu, 07/28/2022 - 11:13
Control Surface Studio User

Your app is awesome but my dumbness is getting in the way!
I am using an MF Twister and Ableton 11.1.6.
I can reset sends to zero by setting controls to
"switch action type = reset controller value" using the Midifighter utility. Unfortunately this then sends macros to zero also if the same control is used.
I would like to reset macro parameters on controls to default values (ie as per hitting delete and knob on push).

How is this possible?

Also, how is it possible to reset 8x sends to zero using one button on Twister.

Similarly, how is it possible to reset 8x macros to default values using one button on twister?

Thank you.

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