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Mapping or at least template for major controller

Submitted by monkeyoda on Fri, 05/20/2022 - 06:15
Control Surface Studio User

I am new to the channel and realized Control Surface sutduio only comes with 2 midid controller design / mapping, Twister midi fighter and Akai MidiMix.

There is no directory with at least the design of other major controlers like novation XL control or other novation products.

Am I the first one trying to use thosee midid devices, nobody built any script ?

Second question, I tried to downlaod a template yesterday but got a jason file whatever format and I have no clue on how to import it to the software, someone can help ?

Thanks a a lot.

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William Blanes
Control Surface Studio User

Go to Controller Templates, then click on import and either Choose the file (json) from you computer or chose from the list that appears on the right. I see the following templates: Akai APC Mini, Akai MIDImix, Akai MPD32, Allen and Heath - Xone:K2, DJTT Midi Fighter Twister and M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2. Hope this helps

Control Surface Studio User

Hi William

thanks for the anwser, it helps.

Yes you are right, the following midi controller are listed there, I am surprised not to see any of the novation midi controller like the Launch control, Launch control XL for example that are extremely usefull thanks to the high number of knobs available.

Any idea if someone or somewhere posted some novation template ?

By the way, another quick question. I already use the Midi fighter twister with a mapping on Traktor. I guess If I load a template in control studio I would have to switch manually and reload each tempalte in the midifighter utility based on the program I would use ? (might have to buy another one dedicated lol...)

Thanks again.

Cliff Montgomery
Control Surface Studio User

Thanks William! You just saved me a ton of work. I'm building a template for the Novation Launchkey 25, and the M-Audio Oxygen 25 template is a good start. It seems it should be possible to install the template used by Novation on the Components web page, but I haven't figured out how as yet.

Cliff Montgomery
Control Surface Studio User


To my post about Ghost pads I attached a template for a Novation Launchkey 25. It's not complete, but it might help.