map specific return track

Submitted by quintoquarto on Tue, 08/15/2017 - 12:10
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first of all thanks for the app to developers, it solved many of my problems!
I'm a beginner so maybe I'm losing something but I can't find the way to map VOLUME, MUTE and DEVICE PARAMETERS on a specific RETURN track.
Thanks in advance

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John Carney
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Glad to hear that the app has helped you! :)
We don't currently have return track functionality in the App,
We are however, looking to add this soon!



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Don't know if this helps you, but you could get around the problem by sending the output of your return track to a regular audio track and then place your plugins on that audio track instead of the return track. You can then map mute, device parametres etc. on the audio track.

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Haha... new pro user here, and i was wondering the same, as my main devices are on the return track...
Hope this feature will come soon.
But super great piece of app nonetheless !

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@adgangfolmer : yes, this works but it add some mess in the set, cause it adds 2 fixed tracks either at the beginning or at the end of the set. Having these 2 tracks that i don't want to control (only the devices in it) in my "all-time" template is a bit confusing.

@John Carney : any ETA on this functionality ? it would definitively make my day ;)