Map to a specific device inside an Instrument Rack?

Submitted by infinitystairs on Fri, 01/12/2018 - 19:49
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Is there a way to map a controller to a specific device that is grouped inside an Instrument Rack? I would like to control the macros of the first device inside my instrument rack. If I set up a Device Parameters mapping with Track Type = Selected and Device Chain Number = 1, then it controls the macros of the instrument rack itself, not of the first device inside the rack. If I set it to Device Chain Number = 2, then it controls the macros of the next device (if any) outside of the instrument rack.

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John Carney
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Device selection can't access nested Devices, only top level Devices in your chain.
A way you can get around this it to assign the controls inside your nested Device to the Macro controls of your Instrument Rack.
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though it would be a feature in the future?

John Carney
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Possibly. Can't say for sure. John
Yan Abud
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If ever there is a solution to be able to modify the selected macros in the nest (like the push does), that would be heaven. It's the thing that I so wish I could do.