Map session box to use inside midi clips

Submitted by tuliodj on Tue, 07/31/2018 - 22:46
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Can i Map session box to use inside midi clips, in session view? I mean when i Slice to new midi track, use in few clips separately?

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John Carney
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Are you wanting to use the Drum pads?
We don't currently have a mapping option for these at present. It is in development at the moment however.


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There are 2 easy ways to control Drum Pads without remotify.
1. Use a Midikeyboard or change (if possible) the Midinotes of your Pads starting with C3 and activate record on the track (without running a script on the same Controller that uses the Pads)
2. Make an Ableton user script (description on the Ableton page) the userscript isn´t that Powerfull like remotify, but you can add Faders, Sends, and Drumpads and use this script in the same way like remotify scripts. If you don´t use the same Pads in the remotify script, you can use both at the same time, the user script for the Pads and remotify for every other Knobs, Buttons and Faders on the Controller.