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Many inoperative CSS functions

Submitted by Cliff Montgomery on Thu, 06/23/2022 - 20:45
Cliff Montgomery
Control Surface Studio User

I've built a number of CSS scripts attempting to use the knobs, pads and keys of my Launchkey MK3 25 with very poor results. I've used MIDI-OX to confirm each of the MIDI channels and values, so I'm confident I'm using the correct values. The results in Ableton Live range from no results at all to results which don't match the actions from Live's menus. For instance, the Undo command does not produce the action that Live's Edit|Undo (Ctrl Z) produces. Stop and Play don't work at all. Of three actions assigned to the keys only one works (Metronome when Key 1 is pressed. Volume on Knob 5 kinda works. I can see from the .py file that the intent is to make these things work, but they don't.

I've attached my current script and the resulting .py file (as txt). The script has Play on Pad 5, Stop on Pad 13, and Metronome on Key 1. Key 13 is supposed to trigger a Reaction to send value 127 to Pad 7 and Stop the song. Key 25 is supposed to Undo. Knob 5 controls song volume. Of all these, only Knob 5 (Volume) and Key 1 (Metronome) work.

Does anyone have any ideas? The concept of CSS is excellent, but so far the results are very disappointing.

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John C
Forum Admin

Hi Cliff,
Stop and play should function without issue, they has been used countless times without issue.

It sounds to me like some of the Midi data, toggle/momentary, velocity settings in your controller template isn't configured correctly. So its worth checking those first.