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Submitted by djyroc on Tue, 03/03/2020 - 02:13
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using an mf twister and a device called multimapper 32 midi 3.0 (

when i do a selected device, parameter bank, with all 16 knobs on, the first 4 twister knobs appear to do nothing and 5th twister knob picks up the first m4l device parameter.

if i switch to the regular twister script, the first knob picks up the first m4l device parameter.

i suspect this might have to do with blue had functionality?

i don't see a way to make a parameter bank for a specific device by name. is there one? that way for this m4l device, parameter 5 could be twister knob 1, and for all other devices with different names, twister knob 1 would adjust parameter 1.

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(blue hand, that is)

John Carney
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A couple of things to check
1 is your twister set to factory presets?
2 did you use the provided MF Twister Controller Template to build your script?
If the answer is no to either, I recommend making them both a yes :)

Some things to note, Control Surface Studio scripts don't use the blue hand. They simply use the 'highlighted' device.
This gives greatly flexibility as you can add mappings to control the highlighted device on multiple tracks or the selected track.

And to answer your question, no there's not currently a way to select a device by name, only position number.