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Looper Transport State - LED Feedback

Submitted by neilb on Sat, 05/22/2021 - 19:17
Control Surface Studio User

I have an encoder switch that is dedicated to the Looper Multi-transport button. It works great using CSS! What would be even better is if the encoder switch's color LED changed based on the mode the Looper transport is in. For example, the LED is off when there is nothing in the looper buffer, turns red when recording, green when playing, orange when overdubbing, and white when stopped (basically how Ableton displays those states).

I'm guessing that this might be possible using Reactions, or the upcoming Reactions 2, but I've not dived into reactions yet, so I'm unsure.

Anyone have any guidance on how to achieve this?

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2 Responses

Control Surface Studio User

This will be possible in Reactions 2. Out of curiosity, how are you using CSS to address the multi transport button?

Control Surface Studio User

Hi Chainsaw. Currently I am using the track > device feature in CSS. I mapped an encoder switch to the multi _ transport button. it works fine for record dub play and clear (doable tap). I look forward to adding visual feed back when reactions 2 hits.