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Long-Press = Momentary, Short-Press = Toggle

Submitted by neilb on Tue, 11/08/2022 - 18:22
Control Surface Studio User

Is there an existing CSS feature that enables long-press to act differently than short-press?

I have a button assigned to change Mode.

I would really like this button to switch modes momentarily if I long-press the button.

(If this feature does not exist, can someone move this post to the Feature request category?)

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Forum Admin

There's a delay option in the control override section of mappings (see attached).

Control Surface Studio User

Thank you for the guidance, John. I'll play with that and let you know if I have further questions.

I always read the description in the documentation as having the opposite effect (long-press = toggle and short-press = momentary)

Control Surface Studio User

Hi John,

I tried playing around with that feature, but it does not seem to be a good fit for the goal.

I would really like the mode change button to switch modes momentarily if I long-press the button, and only commit to the new mode if I press and release quickly.

(For reference, if you have an Ableton push, what I'm trying to achieve is how the Session button press timing works when in Note mode).

Any tips are appreciated.

Free User

This indeed would be great to have!

Pro User

John or Wim or other,

could you post an example of the SAME button being used with one function from a short press and a DIFFERENT function from a long press?

I can't use the same button for two different mappings, so it would have to be through the use of reactions. Can you make something that does this job so that we could see it work?

Sorry to ask - you do enough!


Pro User

To elaborate, I think the original question was
"switch mode if I SHORT press, but momentarily switch mode if I long press (i.e. if I long press, then come back after)

Can you use delay type to do this?