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Locking the blue hand to the currently selected device

Submitted by Maximus on Wed, 12/30/2020 - 13:02
Control Surface Studio User

I have just started to use ccs with my new Midi Fighter Twister and I'm quite pleased with the result, great pair of products !
I am even considering getting a second MFT, the purpose would be to get one MFT locked to a specific device and the other one following the device on the selected track.
To do this it is required to be able to lock the blue hand of one of the MFT to the currently selected device, but the MFT doesn't show up in the "lock menu".
A quick search in the forum shows a post from 2018 indicating that it was not possible and that it could be a future feature.
Is there now a solution to this problem ? If not, may I suggest feature request...
Great product !

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Forum Admin


Our scripts don't use the blue hand, however you can create a mapping for a specific Device, so in effect locked to a certain Device. Would that cover your needs?

Control Surface Studio User

Not really, I suppose that would mean that the script would target a specif device on a specific track ?
So for exemple the second MFT would be always be attached to the first device on the first track ?
Is that correct ? That would work but would be very limited. What I had in mind was to be able to lock a MFT on any device "on the fly" (like it's possible with the Push2).
Thanks for your answer.

Control Surface Studio User

I have a similar wish. I want to be able to create a mapping that controls parameters 1-16 of the selected device, which is easy and I've done that. I also want to be able use buttons to move the blue hand from device to device within a track. Then I want the option to lock the mapping with a button to whatever device is selected so it stays mapped to that device when the selected device changes--until I until I toggle the lock off with the same button that locked it. Then it would revert to the default behavior of mapping to the selected device. A bunch of other scripts allow for this so I'm surprised it's not possible in CSS.

Control Surface Studio User

"I also want to be able use buttons to move the blue hand from device to device within a track."

Doesn't have to be the blue hand. Let's change that to "I also want to be able use buttons to select which device within a track is highlighted."