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Location of custom controller templates (on a Mac)?

Submitted by matthewjschultz on Fri, 04/30/2021 - 22:10
Control Surface Studio User

While using CSS it crashed and when it recovered I discovered that I'd lost a custom controller template created for the NakedBoards MC-24

Since the software auto-saves I didn't think to export it to save it. Is there a location on Mac Big Sur where that template might live and be recoverable?

If not… lesson learned and I'll have to recreate it.

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Control Surface Studio User

I just purchased CSS Mac app this weekend and finding a lot of stability issues on the Mac app.
Having to force quit a lot and restart as the app seems to hang.
MIDI monitoring in app seems wonky too.

Is it possible if you are a Pro User we can get access to the Web Tool version to see if MIDI mapping works better there?

I've also learned, as I make some progress, I save/export the settings and import again if on the next launch of the app, my settings are nuked.

The setting for controllers you can import remotely off of CSS site never seem to disappear, but my own creations do.

That said, I did find the location of the script files I've created.
~username/Control Surface Studio

Inside that folder, there is:

Just some loose json files that you can open in a text editor, select all and paste into json formatting website to clean up / format the settings to examine what is being set there.

Control Surface Studio User

Meant to upload this file.

upload files: 
Control Surface Studio User

Thank you @blancodisco. I found those files too, but they can't be directly imported back into the app, forcing you to have to start from scratch regardless.

I think your backup-as-you-go strategy is the right one but I'm disappointed because the videos/docs make it a point of saying you don't have to do that because the app actively saves all progress. It doesn't mention that your personal files – as far as I can tell – aren't stored in any kind of durable way/format. :-(

John C
Forum Admin

Hi guys,

blancodisco is correct that the files found in ~username/Control Surface Studio can be imported back into the App. That is, as long as the files themselves have no issues.
If you're experiencing ongoing crashes / loosing work, please zip up and send the above 'Control Surface Studio' folder to us here: and we can take a look.