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Livid DS1 - Bank by 8 tracks

Submitted by micky inkind on Thu, 11/17/2016 - 07:23
micky inkind
Pro User

I'm a new pro member of Remotify and hoped would it would help me to make a script that allows me to bank my Livid DS1 by 8 tracks at a time.

Is this possible? I thought it would with the session box, but this seems to be for grid controllers only.

Please help me!

2 Responses


Forum Admin


Firstly, welcome to Remotify Pro, I hope it helps you improve your Ableton workflow!

Yes, this is absolutely possible. Simply create a Session Box 8 tracks (columns) wide and session box navigation controls to move left and right.
This will bank your session box to the next/previous set of 8 tracks in your session.
You can also assign controls relative to the tracks within your session box and they will move with it.


Free User

Micky what do you mean by grid controllers?