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Live 11 - Macro Parameter Bank Issues

Submitted by Arbakez on Wed, 06/16/2021 - 11:15
Control Surface Studio User

I can't seem to find a combination that works for my Pad Banks on my DDJ-RX Controller.

The Pads send a NOTE, Momentary signal (127 ON, 0 OFF).

I've setup with every combination between the Controller Template and the Control Script of Toggle, Momentary, Absolute, Snap ON/OFF and the best I can get is either;

1. Toggle Behaviour without any LED Feedback (Macro only goes to 100 instead of 127)
2. Momentary Behaviour with LED feedback (Macro goes to 127 but there's no LED Feedback)

I would like to use Custom LED Feedback so I can use different LED Colours (e.g. 42 = Red, with such a large number of available Pads etc.

I'm happy to try something different, perhaps Device On/Off switches, but I expect I will want to employ the use of the Pads to act as Preset Switches.

Basically, my controller has 2 sets of 8 pads each with 4 banks all of which have shift functionality. So, essentially I'd be able to make use of a lot of actions if I could just get a simple trigger with LED feedback on these working so I can move on.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I think this may be a CSS with Live 11 bug - seems to be just the parameter banks I'm having trouble with.


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John C
Forum Admin

Hi Arbakez,

It's a little bit tricky trying to work out what you're trying to do without seeing it, but with regards to this:
1. Toggle Behaviour without any LED Feedback (Macro only goes to 100 instead of 127)
try changing the 'maximum' option to 127 - you can double click on it and then enter a value.

Control Surface Studio User

Wow! I had no idea you could double click to exceed the available 0-100% - Thanks!

I ended up getting the action I required using reactions. But I'll also give this a try, as it seems like it should be a fairly simple action for a button type mapping...