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Leds on XONE K2

Submitted by selM on Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:05
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thanks to css remotify now I can control almost all the parameters assigned to my xone k2 in a dynamic way but it remains always the rock of the lighting of the leds that does not follow the usual rules of velocity values of other controllers. With the "reactions" option is there the possibility of obtaining at least partial results?
until now I can not get something satisfactory ....

thank you

good job

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John Carney
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Have you read through this Reactions tutorial?

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hi john
I read the tutorial but I can not imagine what kind of message I have to put in conditions and reactions
In a slot with a clip I would like to have the led on when the clip is in play and turned off when the clip is off , also led switched off with the empty slot .... please give me an example of the necessary instructions; xone k2 responds to different notes for different colors the options are yellow green and red and I do not know if they are related to velocity values ​​ ; k2 is one of the most difficult to map ..... the only script that existed and reproduced the functionality of apc 40 very well only works on version 9 of live and has not been updated to live 10 , the company seems to have abandoned this midi surface script project. With this script on version 9 of live I had 4x4 session boxes with led off in empty slots, yellow LEDs in the slot where there were clips and slots that turned green when the clips were in play. Now with css script I only have LEDs that are turned off when one slot has a clip inside and light up with the clip in play ( red color) and empty slots always with LEDs lit in red , which I do not want because it creates confusion .

sorry for my bad English
thank you

John Carney
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We don't yet have functionality in the App for customising your Session Box Clip LED states.
However, I have just pushed a quick update which adds the code you need directly in your script.
All you need to do is uncomment the code and set the Velocity Values for each state.
Here's how to do it:

1 re install your Script (to get the updated code)
2 Go to your MIDI Remote Script Folder (where all the Scripts are stored).
3. Open your script .py file and find the code which begins:
##for scene_index in range(num_scenes):
4 Uncomment the 14 lines of Code by removing the 2 '#' hashes from the beginning of each line (see attached before and after)
5 Change the values to your desired Velocity Values.
6 restart live

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hi john
with these settings finally when the clip is stopped the LED is off and when the clip is in play the LED is on and this is correct ....
thank you
clip_slot.set_stopped_value (0)
clip_slot.set_started_value (127)
I begin to make small progress .... now I wonder how to set an empty clip slot without any files inside with the LED off; now the leds of the empty slots are all on.

thanks again

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Hey selM
I´m an owner of an Xone K1 and wanted to get different LED color feedback too. I wanted to buy the Live 9 Script you talked about, but they abandoned the script. I´m up for the code they used, because i can customize scripts by myself and want to try to get it work with Live 10. Maybe you can upload or send me the code/script?

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Hi simsonatic
Mail me at
Now I'm not at home .........

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Hi seIM and Simsonatic,
I´m also with running Isotonics script in my K2 under Live 9. I don´t want to upgrade to Live10 until I can get this script or a similar (Remotify?)
I´m following this thread with interest :)... Have you made any progress Simsonatic?

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Ah - sorry - I see this i dated today... I´ll be patient...

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Hey Guys,
i received the script from selM, thanks again. I took a first look at the script but it seems a little difficult, i gues thats the reason why Isotonic didn´t upgrade the stuff. But when i have some time, i give it a try.
Meanwhile you guys can use the css to get leastways a couple of functions using amber and green LED´s, but its time consuming, thats for sure....
heres an example for the Track Mutes:

First of all, you have to create all the Buttons (you wanna use) a 2. or 3. time with their midi Notes inside the controller Manager.
In my case i used Button 21-24 (the row over the sliders) and created Button 41-44 with the Midi Notes for the Amber LED.

Than i build a script with 4 Tracks, in every Track you have to create the Mute function 2x. One with Button 21 and 41. 22&42 aso.
The Button for the Amber LED must be linked to any function (2. Mute in this case).
After that, you just need to create 2 reactions for each track (for on and off) using the amber Buttons in the Reactions field. (see picture)
Thats it. :D
Its working, but causes errors in the Log. because of the conditions field.

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To all owners of the Isotonik K2 script,
it can be used with Live 10 again. You just need to outcommend or delete just 1. Line of code

Line 8 in the in the _Allenandheath folder
# from _Framework.M4LInterfaceComponent import M4LInterfaceComponent

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Hello Simsonatic, I've just acquired a K2 and in a similar position as you were at the start of this thread. Reading on, i'm hoping you would be able to send me the discontinued Isotonik script so I can try the tip in your last post. Would you be able to send it my way?

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Servus eighttrack and all other owners of a K1/K2
I´ve uploaded the customised (Live 10 usable) script. Hope that don´t cause any copyright problems, but Isotonik discontinued the script anyways...

Should the script cause any problems with Live 10 or if something doesn´t work like it should, feel free to tell me that. I just tried it 2-3 times... I don´t use my K1 for Ableton anymore, just bought a Maschine MK3 and Jam weeks ago and now I spend all my time learning Maschine, customizing the NI scripts and developing a M4L Midi device for the Jam user Mode....

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I actually bought this script back during the live 9 days.
This works a dream for Live10. Thanks so much!

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Hi. I just purchased the K2 and was looking for the discontinued Isotonik script. Is anyone able to re-upload it or send it to me please?