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Led hold

Submitted by Blair on Sun, 08/04/2019 - 08:22
Control Surface Studio User

Hi guys could someone help me map my leds. I have 8 tracks and 8 buttons with leds I have mapped the buttons to highlight each of my 8 tracks. The led is momentarily 127 is on then 0 is off. All works as it should I press the button it lights up and highlights the corespondent track then the light goes off. Is there a way for the light to stay on while the track is highlighted then when I press to highlight a new track the light goes out on the old track and on on the new track? Any help would be appreciated thanks

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi Blair,

Rather than using the LED feedback options on the track select mappings, use each Track's own LED feedback settings (See attached).
The Track's LED on value will be used as long as the track is selected. When the track is no longer selected then the Off value will be sent.

Make sure to turn off the LED feedback for your 'Highlight Navigation' mappings so they don't override the Track's LEDs.

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Control Surface Studio User

Thanks heaps for getting back to me John I’ll give it a go tonight that’s a much smarter way of doing it.