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LED Feedback for when track is playing

Submitted by bbedar on Sun, 04/02/2023 - 20:19
Control Surface Studio User

I am trying to create a reaction to make an LED on my controller light up when the track has audio playing, and turn off when the audio is not playing. I have tried using

self.song().tracks[0].has_audio_input == True (False for off)

self.song().tracks[0].has_audio_output == True (false for off)

but neither seem to turn the device off when audio stops. I have tried various different listeners to no avail. I can get it to work for specific clip slots, but I want it to apply to all clip slots in a track.

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Control Surface Studio User

did you ever find a solution?

Forum Admin

You can check if a specific clip is playing using the following condition options:
Live Object Model > Clip slot > is playing
Live Object Model > Clip > is playing

Control Surface Studio User


Thank you for your response, but that doesn't fix my issue. I'm trying to use LED feedback to show if any clip (or audio) is playing in the track. I have tested the clip slot method and it does work, but I would then have to program it for as many clips as I add to my set, which could be a lot. Can you think of a way to get this to behave the way I am trying? BTW I am using an X-touch mini, if that matters.

Control Surface Studio User

I’m trying to do the same it tricky with group tracks