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Submitted by Blair on Tue, 01/29/2019 - 19:28
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Hi guys I have currently got most of my controller working however the led lights are not working properly. My lights seem to either all stay on weather they are pressed or not. I would like them to be on while the action is happening and off when not. For example when I press mute the led light up then when mute is off the light goes off etc. is it possible to control the lights ? If so could someone give an example of how to do so please
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John Carney
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This tutorial on Reactions should help to answer your question:

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Wow John thankyou for that tutorial that’s great I was able to map some of my leds to work correctly last night. Just a question on reactions how would I do a reaction to set a loop in and loop length on a highlighted track not the arrangement punch in and out. For eg when djing I need to loop a section of a track so while the track is highlighted I want to set the loop in with one button and hit another button to set the loop length them a third button to turn the loop on and off. Is that done in reactions

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Hi John how are you ment to know what text to write in the boxes if it’s not a device ? For example the stop button or play?

John Carney
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That's a good point, unless you know the inner workings of the LOM (Live Object Model) you will not know.
We probably need a reference page for this. I'll get to work on it soon.

"how would I do a reaction to set a loop in and loop length on a highlighted track"
This should be possible with Reactions but I'll need to figure it out. Let me get back to you.

John Carney
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I just found a reference to clip loops that I, ye know, just had laying around :p

This should set the Loop Start position of the currently highlighted clip.
In the the Reactions section of your Reaction. select 'view' then in the input box add:
Then select '='
And In the second input box, add a value such as 0.25
I can't remember what the value means so will requires some experimentation (maybe report your findings here?)

Loop End is the same as loop start except, you use this string in the first input box:
And you can use the position of your loop start position as a variable in the second input box:
self.loopstart + 0.25
This means that your end loop position will always be 0.25 further along than the loop start.

Loop Length should also be similar but use:

Here's a few more:

Turn Looping on & off for selected clip:
.highlighted_clip_slot.clip.looping = True
.highlighted_clip_slot.clip.looping = False

Start Marker & End Marker
(Be careful with these, I kept getting an ‘StartMarker out of range’ error)
.highlighted_clip_slot.clip.start_marker = 1.0
.highlighted_clip_slot.clip.end_marker = 2.0

Create a Clip 4 bars in length
(Note that this uses parenthesis and not equals)

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Hi John please give an example of what this would look like in control surface pro. Listener is the button, condition is view? Then what goes in the reaction boxes?

John Carney
Forum Admin

Yes, Listener is the button.
Condition can be empty (delete any conditions in there)
In Reaction: Select 'view' then in the input box add:
select '='
Then in the text field try adding

See the attached image

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Great thanks John I’ll try it today

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Ok so I’ve tried all these examples in control studio as the screen shot shows as well but can’t get any thing to work? With the loop