Lauchpad for effect rack

Submitted by Nicolas Roulet on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 22:42
Nicolas Roulet
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My dream would be:
Controlling specific parameters on specific tracks with a lauchpad, and with light feedback.
For exemple, controlling a looper on track 9
1 pad for Rec button = Red light
1 pad for Play button = Green light
1 pad for Dub button = Yellow light
1 pad for Stop button = White light
1 pad for x2
1 pad for /2

I dont understand how to proceed.......

Thanks a lot

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With the device parameter: Track Type "specific", Specific Track Number: "the Track u want", Device Chain Number: "position of device" (both counted from left)
But as i know, the Parameters available with remotescripts are set by Ableton. For the Looper are just a few controls available and no parameter bank. even within a rack, there are just the same parameters available for mapping as the remotescripts can use.

Nicolas Roulet
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Thank you for your answer. I wrote a mistake, i dont want to control parameters , i want to control the rec/play/stop looper buttons.....
I dont understand how to do that....

Thanks a lot

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Not possible with remote scripts. You can build a preset where the buttons are mapped with the standard Midi Mapping/Key Mapping (without desired LED feedback color) or you need to build a M4L device that can use the standard Mapping from Live to get control of the Play,Stop,Rec buttons and add your desired color for LED feedback by grabbing another Launchpad script or by adding an Externel Instrument device after the M4L device, to send the midi data to the Launchpad.

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I created a M4L patch just for this. However, even with M4L only some parameters are exposed. For instance, the "Clear" button is not an exposed parameter and so you can not address it through M4L. Also, when you address the Record, Play, and Stop functions directly through M4L you loose the quantization function. I tried building a quantization setup in my M4L patch but found that the sync with Live was not reliable. In the end, I made a plugin for LED feedback that involves both M4L and regular Live midi mapping.

I can send a link to my Loop-R but you'll need M4L and a Launchpad MK2.

John Carney
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Yes its quite frustrating how little you can map the looper :(