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Kontrol F1 Mapping

Submitted by inbituin on Wed, 08/21/2019 - 09:02
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Hello! Just got CSS last night and I'm excited about the possibilities of finally using my F1 with Ableton Live.

I've been watching the tutorials and followed the instructions but I can't seem to get everything going perfectly when it seems simple enough.

What I got working so far, track volume, scene scroll box and launching some clips (as assigned on the Session Box) but not all clips launch. I still have to figure out why only certain clips launch and not every single one on the scene box, play, stop, stop all and scene scrolling using the encoder. The RGB colors from the other thread doesn't seem to correspond to the right colors for me either (F1 Indexed).

Is there anything important that I'm missing to make it all work? Any valuable insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Don't know if I'm dumb but I still can't get this working. Help please.