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Jump through a list of devices with the push of a button

Submitted by therockdude on Sun, 11/05/2023 - 19:18
Control Surface Studio User

Hello community, I would like to jump through defined devices with the push of a button. As an example, if I have 3 EQs in the selected track then pressing the button should cause me to select the EQs in the track one after the other. I understood how to retrieve the positions of the corresponding devices and save them in modifiers or lists, I'm just stuck at the point where I jump to these positions one after another by pressing a single button. Maybe someone has an idea and can help me find out. Thank you

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I do exactly this - although it's "SHIFT+Button, because I'm using my own version of the APC Key 25.

When I press the Device button, that's exactly what happens - first it goes into a mode where the 1st device is selected, and then when you SHIFT+Dev again, it moves to the next until there's none left. Then it breaks, because I Don't have something in place to stop going up when the last one is reached, but I reset to 0 when the mode is changed.

Here's how I do it.

I use a modifier.
When initializing, the modifier is set to -1
Each time this button is SHIFT-pressed, the modifier is increased by one.
The Device is thus changed using the modifier (see image).
It should loop back to 0 or stop when the 'number of devices' is reached, but I don't know how to get that number (I try, but I think I didn't get that working). This is not important enough to me, since changing mode resets it to -1 again.

In other words, scrolling through the devices is GREAT for my workflow and the part where it kind of doesn't work perfectly doesn't impede my workflow at all.

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Pro User

Actually, I think I did find "number of devices on the track" by pretending to set up a Loop.


Haven't tried updating the script yet, but that might work to stop the increment or loop to the beginning.

Control Surface Studio User

hi, the idea is great. I think this is the right approach to implement my ideas. I try for example to scan the devices in a track and find all eqs. I could save these positions in a list. With your idea, I would jump to the next eq plugin every time I press the button by getting the first position from the list and writing it into a modifier, then the second time I press the button, etc. sounds kind of complicated :-)))) )). Whatever but hey thanks for your tip.

Pro User

Honestly I don't think it's very complicated - if you want to specify a type of device your reaction is more complicated, but I'd say go simple - at least to start. Have the button just scroll through device to device - increasing the device number each time.

Set the knob or buttons to control the device number the modifier says.

It's only ONE actions in the reaction.

First listen for the button.
Condition - make sure the buttons up (so it's not scrolling while you're pressing a key: latest velocity is less than 1
(Optional condition that the modifier is not more than the number of devices in the track)

- add 1 to the modifier

This way - since you'll be looking at the screen and you'll even see blue hand and/or the name of the device as it's selected - you can just press it until you reach the EQ you're looking for.

Note that it will NOT go into the chain - that's a second level. So if you have a rack, I believe you'll be looking at the macro knobs OF the rack and your on off or paramaters will only be on that macro list - not diving in to the individual devices.