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Is it possible to create scripts for specific MAX for live devices?

Submitted by hamster_switch on Sat, 05/09/2020 - 18:56
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Is it possible to create scripts using Remotify for specific MAX for live devices?

I have a MIDI Fighter Twister and its 16 knobs/push buttons are redundant for Abletons 8 macro Instruments Rack for controlling parameters of devices.

I would (though at the time of writing this I do not know if it is possible) like to create a 16 macro Instrument rack to make better use of the Twister. This rack will allow for switching between 8 banks of 16 knobs (16X8 = 128 software knobs total which I believe is the maximum number of CC controls. I assume this is the theoretical maximum number of knobs any MIDI compliant device can have. If theres any way to squeeze out more control ability then let me know). The rack (like Abletons 8 macro offering) will allow for chains and dropping VSTs into it. In fact, everything else other than 16 visible macros with 8 bank switching capabilities will be the same as the Ableton rack.

Getting back to scripts, is it possible to create a script specifically for this now imaginary M4L device? I would use the top 8 knobs as buttons to push and select the 8 banks, and the 16 knobs to control the 16 visable knobs per selected bank. The first 8 knobs in bank 1 will be the same 8 macro knobs (so same scripting) as the Ableton 8 macro Instrument rack
I would also like to assign colours to each macro knob (on the now imaginary M4L rack), and for that same colour to light up on the corresponding hardware knob on the twister. Is this also possible via scripting?

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John Carney
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Hi there,

While you're correct that the MF Twister has a limited number of banks, You can use the mode functionality of Control Surface Studio to create an unlimited number of 'virtual banks'.
How does this work? rather than needing to change the midi data which the hardware sends. On each mode you set the ableton live functions and switch between modes (banks).
this gives you '16 x unlimited' controls to play with :p

You can also create Device parameter banks of any size (usually this is limited to i.e. 8 macro knobs)

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Hi John,
thanks for your reply and the useful information. I am totally new to both scripts and also M4L. As the M4L side of things seems unlikely, I think it is better if I tell you what I want, and you tell me if ultimately if it can all (or how much of it) can be dont with a remote script generated by clever use remotify.

I am not wanting to create a "control as many parameters of Ableton on one bit of hardware" type script. I basically want a map exclusively for vst control for my MF Twister, and for it to control as many parameters of my favourite synth/vst plugins as possible and this is how I think it can be done:

With Ableton Live, when you drop in a new VST into an instrument rack, or an effect into an effect rack, you get 8 macros and up to 128 horizontal faders for each software knob/button of the vst you drag onto the area called "To add plug-in parameters to this panel, click the "configure" button". Sorry to highlight the basics but I am a layman.

I want the 8 macros of the audio/instrument rack to be a bank of controls that correspond to the top 8 physical knobs of the MFT, and a further 8 banks for control over all 16 physical knobs in and of themselves to achieve control the up to 128 parameters of whatever functions happen of whatever vst that is dragged into that "configure" area. This is because 16X8 = 128 parameters. something like the first 16 parameters I drag and drop for the 1st bank of 16. The second bunch of 16 parameters for the 2nd bank of 16 knobs and so on.

9 of the push button functions of the MFTs knobs will be to access the 9 banks (1 of 8 for the rack macros, 2-9 of 16 for the vsts corresponding parameters). Top side buttons on the MFT to toggle left and right to different racks on the audio/midi track.

So tell me, is all of the above possible with a cleverly done script?

Or even better, since I already have a "do everything on Ableton using just one MFT" type script which I dloaded off the internet, of which has the bottom right side button empty for you to do whatever you want with. Can I put all of the above functionality into (to be accessed by) that button? In this instance, the left - right toggling buttons can just be any 2 of the knob buttons.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your answer.