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Instant mapping Sampler Device

Submitted by sebcout on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 08:56
Control Surface Studio User

Hi! Congrats for all the good work you've done. Having an instant hand control on all my third party plugins is truly changing the game.

However, mapping ableton native devices doesn't seem to work as well. Especially with the Sampler (but I only tried this one). Does the txt. file still relevant? The parameter numbers doesn't seem to be those indicated. Does some bugs exist?

In this example below, does it mean that "Filter Type" should be mapped on parameter number 9 (knowing Live working with banks of 8 parameters)?

SAM_BANK2 = ('Filter Type', 'Filter Morph', 'Filter Freq', 'Filter Res', 'Filt < Vel',
'Filt < Key', 'Fe < Env', 'Shaper Amt')

Furthermore, only 64 parameters of the Sampler Device appear on the txt. file, while more than 100 are available on Ableton. Am I Missing something?



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