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!IMPORTANT! no option for Button pressed..

Submitted by Hellem on Tue, 05/23/2023 - 14:14
Control Surface Studio User

I need to create a reaction for button pressed, but:
for some unknown reason, in a listeners menu i see only some pads "pressed" option, and all other stuff (different pads, faders, knobs, buttons) has only "moved" option for a listener... in this case i got double action for a button (pressed/unpressed)...
Can it be fixed asap please?

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Control Surface Studio User

This is normal. You would really help yourself if you used the search engine for basic questions.
Button move because there is a button down command (mostly 127) and a button up command (mostly 0).
In your reaction do condition: when actual velocity ISNOT 0.

Control Surface Studio User

Can't agree, i used to go for advanced search of not a basic questions. I see your point - adding a condition for a button to act if velocity is 0, but it is 0 when not touched...

Can you tell me please, where is a button down command, in your mind? Cuz in a drop menu only "pressed" and "moved" options are presented in a chaotic way for same buttons, some has "moved" options, some has "pressed" without any order sense.... buy no has both...

Control Surface Studio User

Pressed is for pads i guess. Moved for Buttons.
The chaotic way follows the placement in blocks, u get used to it.

I do my filtering with a condition "last velocity is". So i can define different actions on up and down. All depending on what you try to acchieve.