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Import Controller screen wont close

Submitted by Maikoos on Wed, 06/05/2019 - 05:34
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Hi John,
Firstly, what a great thing you've built. It has such incredible potential though I understand that you're very much in ongoing development. I'm an early user of Remotify and CSS is light years ahead in regards stability and scope.
I have found a potential bug however. On Importing a controller from my computer the Import Controller screen remains and doesn't close after import. See RHS of attached screenshot. The only way to close the import sceen and open the Controller template is to Quit CSS and then reopen the application.
This works but is a little inconvenient.
The following isn't necessarily a bug but a tip. if you're working on an existing Ableton live session its best to delete all the Midi learn parameters from within the Live Session before programming with CSS. I found a lot of weird behaviour disappeared after I did that. Its easy to add Ableton midi learn controls later (if they're needed at all)

Kind regards,


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John Carney
Forum Admin


Thank you for your kind words Mikey :)
We are aware of this issue and already implemented a fix which will be included in the upcoming update.