Icon Platform-M not working correctly

Submitted by Matbic on Tue, 03/13/2018 - 17:47
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Hi Has anyone got an Icon Platform-M to work with remotify?

I have switched the Platform-M in to user mode and used the Icon configuration application to set the faders to produce/respond to CC midi commands. I set up a remotify template to assign these CC commands to the "volume".

I can see (using the MidiMonitor application) the Platform-m sending the CC commands as I move the faders. I can also see the remotely script sending back the correct CC commands if I move the faders with the mouse in Ableton Live. The faders do actually move correctly up and down.

I created a 1 by 8 session box so I can sync the faders to my other controller. Put some session control mappings in and tried moving the session box left and right.

The problem is when I move the session navigation: I can see the remotify script is sending the correct CC commands to update the Platform-M faders but they don't actually move. At any time they will move if I go in and move the fader with my mouse. I really want them to move when I move the session around.

Any ideas?


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John Carney
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Hi, See if this works... Try having 2 modes in your script, both with their own session box - maybe put them in different positions in your Ableton session (i.e. session box on mode 1 = tracks 1 to 8, session box on mode 2 = 9 to 16) Then switch between the modes and see if your faders move. John