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I want to device control like a Novation Automap.

Submitted by amdloid on Sat, 02/06/2021 - 05:19
Control Surface Studio User


Thank you for the wonderful application.
I downloaded Control Surface Studio. It's very Wonderful.

Only one.
As the title suggests, is it possible to control the device like Novation Automap?

For example, consider a 2-band EQ Plugin.
Each band has 5 types of parameters. (1 frequency 2 gain 3Q4 filter type 5 band on / off)
With Novation Automap, I can set the eight knobs as follows.

1 page
Knob 1 frequency (1st band)
Knob 2 gain (1st band)
Knob 3 Q (1st band)
Knob 4 filter type (1st band)
Knob 5 band on / off (1st band)
Knob 6 blank
Knob 7 blank
Knob 8 blank

Page 2
Knob 1 frequency (2nd band)
Knob 2 gain (2nd band)
NOV 3 Q (2nd band)
Knob 4 filter type (2nd band)
Knob 5 band on / off (2nd band)

If this is only Ableton

1 page
Parameter 1 frequency (1st band)
Parameter 2 gain (1st band)
Parameter 3 Q (1st band)
Parameter 4 Filter type (1st band)
Parameter 5 Band on / off (1st band)
Parameter 6 Frequency (2nd band)
Parameter 7 Gain (2nd band)
Parameter 8 Q (2nd band)

2 page
Parameter 9 Filter type (2nd band)
Parameter 10 Band on / off (2nd band)

It's just like this.
I can swap parameters by dragging and dropping On Ableton.
But that only works if Device has parameters in multiples of 8.

Certainly, if I create a mapping dedicated to this device with CSS, It's can do a mapping like Automap.
Unfortunately, in this case, the mapping does not switch dynamically, and I need to switch the Plugin mapping manually.

I wish Ablton could map each device including blank parameters!

Can I map device controls like Automap in Control Surface Studio?

Please see the attached file for details.
I'm sorry, my English is not good. I am (Famous for being poor at English)Japanese.

By the way

The function of Automap is not bad. However, the operability is the worst. Support / development has also ended.

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John C
Forum Admin

Hi there,

If I understand your problem correctly, you can use a combination of 'Parameter Banks' and 'Parameter Banking'
Each 'parameter bank' is like a page on Novation automap, and you can switch the active bank using a 'parameter banking' mapping.
Each parameter bank should contain your 8 controls (note: it can contain as many parameter controls as you like) you would set each device parameter mapping to the parameter number that you want to control.
(see the attached image)
The parameter numbers for Live's EQ8 Device are listed here:

Control Surface Studio User

John C Thank you for big reply.
and Sorry for the late reply.

About the image you showed me.

I expect Control Surface Studio to work in the same way as Novation Automap.

I want you to automatically switch to the mapping (mode?) Of the selected device via Control Surface Studio.

I can do it manually. I Create a dedicated map for each device and switch manually.

However, Novation Automap automatically (For Bulehand) switches the mapping to the selected device.

(Novation is decoding some reaction? Is it switching using that reaction?)

Can I Control Surface Studio work that way?
(Switch mapping)

Even if you can't do it, it's still a great solution.


Macro controls have been increased to 16 in Ableton 11.
Is it programmatically difficult to increase to 128 for Ableton R & D?
The most expected feature of Abeton 11 is the increase in macro control (more than 16).