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I made a custom control surface and script for Korg nanoKontrol2 for ableton

Submitted by djpaimon on Sat, 08/22/2020 - 07:56
Control Surface Studio User

Hey everyone, I just made a custom control surface and script for the Korg nanoKontrol2 for Ableton Live 10

All the transport and mixer controls are pretty self explanatory, except here are some slight modifications:

The track buttons left and right scroll through the individual tracks, while the rewind and fastforward buttons scroll the red session box left and right in case you have more than 8 channels

The left marker is undo while the right marker is redo

the cycle button activates the arrangement loop on/off

I had to go into my korg Kontrol editor app and change the following button from momentary to toggle:
- cycle
- solo (all tracks)
- mute (all tracks)
- arm (all tracks)
so i would recommend you do that to make it work better

Hope this works out well for you all!

- DJ Paimon

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John C
Forum Admin

Hey! thanks for contributing your work back to the community, this looks really great :)

Control Surface Studio User

Cheers for your work DJ
Hey did you know you can keep the nano stock (no editor required) and use the toggle function at the script level? Might save some extra steps for others but its really good, as John said, when we start to funnel the fruit of labour back in.


Free User

Hello! Silly question: how do i import and activate the script files in ableton?

thak you very much!

John C
Forum Admin

Importing a script with Control Surface Studio:
Installing a script with Control Surface Studio:

Free User

Thank you very much!!

Martín Spangenberg
Control Surface Studio User

Hello! I find this very interesting but i'm having some troubles when trying this files .json When i click the link send me to a new page in chrome with data. I will appreciate some help!

John C
Forum Admin

Right click the links and select 'save as'.