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I can't use Launchpad x to make the function I want

Submitted by 許賀凱 on Thu, 08/26/2021 - 14:05
Control Surface Studio User

My English is not good, so I used Google Translate.

What i want to do is this:
Use the preset template of Launchpad x to control the session of track 9~16.
Then use the Custom mode on Launchpad x to control the session of track 1~8.
(Custom is controlled by MIDI Port 2, so it should be possible.)

First of all, I first used Novation's Components, selected Factory Custom Mode 4, and then changed all the Channels to 16.
All "Off Colour" is set to No, "On Colour" is set to Red, and then sent to my Launchpad x.

I opened a script, and then mapped my Pad to the Session Box.
It can be used, except for the LED Feedback function.

I found that LED Feedback will only act according to the settings of Novation Components.
If you set it to the above, only red will appear during play, and it will become no color when closed.
Also, if you put Clips in the Session, they will not show colors, no matter how my LED Feedback is set.

Is there a solution to this problem?


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