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How to target the selected chain?

Submitted by Simon Absent on Sun, 03/28/2021 - 00:11
Simon Absent
Control Surface Studio User

I am using "automatic selection" for Ableton Chains.

Depending on which MIDI Note I play a different Chain is selected to play its own DrumRack.

Nice - works fine!

But I can not tell Remotify to allocate my Encoders to the SELECTED chain!

I must select one chain and the Encoders are hardwired to that chain.

What I want to do is control the parameters in the selected chain!

In my understanding, this would require the chain-parameter to be set to "selected" which it cant be.

Is there a way to achieve this or is it a feature Request?

See screenshot!

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Simon Absent
Control Surface Studio User

Can anyone help me on this one please?

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Simon, unfortunately this isn't currently possible.
However, we do have quite a lot of chain functionality available in the upcoming release of Reactions 2.
Getting at the selected chain could be possible using this - I recommend adding your name to the reactions 2 beta testing group (note: this isn't available quite yet, we're almost there though!)