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How to set modifier m2 = m1 + 1 ?

Submitted by nasca on Thu, 09/15/2022 - 08:26
Control Surface Studio User


I have a reaction that set modifier 1 m1 to the selected track.

Then I want to make another reaction so that :

m2 = m1 +1
m3 = m1 +2


What is the custom code to input in reaction?
I dont know Python 3.

Thank you !

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John C
Forum Admin

self.set_modifier_value is used to set the value of a modifier
And you get the value of a modifier with self.get_modifier_value
m2 = m1 +1 would be constructed like this...
self.set_modifier_value("m1", self.get_modifier_value("m2") + 1)