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How to select a track by track name?

Submitted by infinitystairs on Tue, 01/25/2022 - 21:23
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Hi would it be possible to use Reactions to create a button on my controller that can select a track named "Drums" no matter where that track is in my set? And is there a way to make sure the index of that track stays up to date when new tracks are added or reordered, or folded/unfolded?

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(Actually, trying to select the first clip slot in a specifically named track)....

Christian Björklund
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I did a script that goes through the channels and count them into modifiers the way I want them, including folding states etc. It runs every time you add or move a track. Check here: It's a bit bulky but works perfect for me.

Later I also added a check for a specific name (CUE in my case) and gave it a specific number and that worked fine, but there is/was a bug in the listener there, so using track name change as a listener didn't work. Maybe it's fixed now but here's my thread on that, plus a bunch of rambling about other things.

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Hello infinistairs,
The video on shows how you can do just that. Only change the 'mute track' action to a 'select track' and you are set :-)