How to make multiple pages for simple cc knobs?

Submitted by olegnikitashin on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 22:21
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First of all thanks for the app!
I feel that it can really help me to craft great midi setup for my live performance!

I've already played with it for a couple of days and it seems quite straightforward, however I still can't get some concepts.

Please let me know if it's possible to do the following:
I have Novation Launchcontrol XL and want to use it like a mixer, with extended functions.

I've setup faders to control volume of 16 tracks, so I have mode 1 for 8 the first ableton channels and mode 2 for the 8 second.
I'd like to setup the lowest row of knobs to control filter cutoff on every track. However filter cutoff is not a parameter like a volume or send.
It's like a simple cc value, that I will assign manually later in my ableton project.
Is it possible to make knobs cc values to change when I'm switching between modes 1 and 2? So under mode 1 they control first 8 channels cuttoffs and under mode 2 the second 8 cutoffs?

Hope that I described it clear enough)
Thanks for your answer!

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John Carney
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Hey :) If understand correctly, yes you can do this. I'm guessing you already have a filter cut off device on each track yes? Create a 'Device Parameter' mapping for each track and set the filter cutoff parameter to your button. To make it easier, it might be best to put the filter device into an audio effect rack and macro map the filter cut off to a macro knob. Hopefully that makes sense, if not let me know. Thanks John
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If u are using Auto Filter, the Cutoff is always parameter 1 (on Bank 0, [default] if u use Parameter Banks).
So u just need to add parameter 1 on track 1 device 1 (if ur Filter is the most left device)
parameter 1 on track 2 device 1.... aso

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Thanks a lot guys!!!
Everything's working now)