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How to know which parameters will be controlled in a device?

Submitted by JR307 on Tue, 02/21/2017 - 02:19
Pro User

Greetings all, I would like to start by saying that I'm really enjoying using Remotify!
I was starting to dig into learning python for the sake of creating my own Midi Scripts and can I just say this is a major game changer! I've already made a couple little things for my Launchpad and messed around a bit with the Midi Fighter Twister as a mixer control - it's awesome!

However I am curious about a few things. I'm trying to create a device control mapping with my Midi Fighter twister (16x16 knob controller with 4 banks) specifically for controlling the instrument devices in Live such as Operator, Analog and Collision to give a more hands on approach to Synthesis. If I use a device parameter control mapping in Remotify, how can I know what Parameters will be affected? I know if I have macros set it will automatically control those. But when I use a parameter control mapping from Remotify on just the Operator device for example it controls the Filter Cutoff and Resonance (Parameter 1 and 2) The Coarse and Fine knobs on Oscillator A (Parameters 3 and 4) the Coarse, Fine, and Level knobs for Oscillator B (Parameters 4, 5, and 6) and then the Master Volume of the Device (Parameter 8) I would really like to be able to control things such as the Oscillator envelope and the envelope of the filters. I did do a device Parameter Bank mapping set to a specific track but it doesn't seem to switch through the parameters as expected. I figured that mapping the device bank controls to the selected track is a feature that's available in the Pro version of the App.

So my second question is: If I upgrade to the pro version of the App, which I'm really considering, are these additional features I will be able to map? Can I set up mappings to be able to control specific parameters or are they still going to be a specific set of controls - aka macros -?

Thanks a ton! I look forward to learning more.

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi JR,

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad to hear that you're finding Remotify useful!
The functions which each device parameter controls per bank is set explicitly in Ableton's code. I've attached a copy of the file which lists what each bank controls for each device.
In the file, find the line which says: DEVICE_DICT =
Here you can find the abbreviation of the device name that you want to view the parameter settings for. Then search for the abbreviation and you will find the relevant list (i.e. operator = OPR_BANKS).
It's not possible to customise these settings via Remotify as they're set at a lower level than what our midi remote scripts operate on.

With regards to this comment:
" I figured that mapping the device bank controls to the selected track is a feature that's available in the Pro version of the App."
- Yes this is part of the pro version! :)

If you have any other question please let me know.



John Carney
Forum Admin

here's the file.

upload files: 
Pro User

Hey John, thanks for the quick response! I think that text file will definitely help.

I just upgraded to the pro version and I'll see if I can use the info in that file to figure something out.


John Carney
Forum Admin

Glad to have you on onboard and I hope the text file helps!



Control Surface Studio User

Hi John! Does the txt. file still relevant? The parameter numbers doesn't seem to fit with those indicated.

In this example below, does it mean that "Filter Type" should be mapped on parameter number 9 (knowing Live working with banks of 8 parameters)?

SAM_BANK2 = ('Filter Type', 'Filter Morph', 'Filter Freq', 'Filter Res', 'Filt < Vel',
'Filt < Key', 'Fe < Env', 'Shaper Amt')

Furthermore, only 64 parameters of the Sampler Device appear on the txt. file, while more than 100 are available on Ableton. Am I Missing something?