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How hard would it be to make my own Blackstar Live Logic USB MIDI Controller?

Submitted by twistymatic on Tue, 04/20/2021 - 08:54
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I need the functionality of the Blackstar Amplification MIDI foot controller (actually named Live Logic USB MIDI Controller). Actually, I need a lot more, but this is what I need to start. Rather than buy their controller I'd like to build my own. That's how I found Remotify. I'd like to have their functionality to start with, but then expand. I am sure I'd have their thing for a week before realizing I want more capabilities.

How hard would it be to script their functionality to off the shelf MIDI controllers? I'd like to start with inexpensive off the shelf hardware, but no doubt I'll want to create my own. Actually, it would be even cooler to start with building my own, but I'd probably be better off working off of a similar project guide online to start with.

If anyone has built their own version of this, please chime in!


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UPDATE: I have found/remembered the FCB1010 foot controller... that may be the right thing to apply a script to. I don't know yet if the FCB1010 works well with Remotify.

John C
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Hi, I know that there have been at least a few people who have built scripts for the FCB1010.
In fact I have a controller template here for it (attached), so you would just need to add the functionality that you need to it.
Note: the controller template is for 'Control Surface Studio' not the Web App.

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Great, thanks! I'll take a look at it!

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I also have FCB1010. Thing with this controller is that you need to configure button messages manually to match the controller template. There is a Youtube tutorial which was easy to find and helped me in the past.

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Stevan... thanks for the help! I will search for the video.