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How Do I Map Ableton Device Paramters w/o Macro Knobs

Submitted by KaneVicious on Fri, 09/20/2019 - 03:18
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I am wondering how to setup my controller to control more than eight parameters on an Ableton device.

For example:
I want to control the gain, frequency, Q, slope, and on/off for each of the eight bands. That's 40 paramters.

I watched the Device video, but it only shows Ableton devices being mapped from the macro knobs. That only gives me control of eight parameters, right? I need to control 40 parameters, lol.

Is it possible with just CSS; and if so, how?


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John Carney
Forum Admin

Yes you can do this. With css you can create Device parameter banks of any size (currently the limit is set at 127).
If you want to control native Ableton device (not a plugin), unfortunately there's no way to arrange the order of the parameters inside Live, so it will need a bit of trial and error to find the parameters you want to control.
I know you said that you already watched the video, but it's worth watching this part specifically to make sure you know how to do this correctly:
The "select parameter by: number" option is what sets which parameter number to control in the device, see my attached screenshot.
Note: if its a plugin that you want to control, then you can arrange the order of the parameters inside Live.

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Great! Thanks, again, John. I'm going to some of my Ableton groups to see if anyone has the parameter lists for Ableton's devices. I think, I'll try Ableton, as well. Wish me luck, lol. I'll post them here if I get them ;)

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hey, This text file lists all of the devices and their parameters, you just need to decipher the abbreviations in it :)

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The text makes sense. I just have no idea how to transfer the abreviavions to a parameter number.

John Carney
Forum Admin

Ah yes. Let’s say I want to control ‘F1 Resonance’ for the below example. It is the third parameter in bank 2. To figure out which number to input in your mapping you would just need to count from the beginning of bank 1 upto it. I make this number 11.
I’m not 100% if the count should start from zero or 1 (not at my computer to test at the moment sorry). So it should be either 10 or 11.

ALG_BANK1 = ('OSC1 Level', 'OSC1 Octave', 'OSC1 Semi', 'OSC1 Shape', 'OSC2 Level', 'OSC2 Octave', 'OSC2 Semi', 'OSC2 Shape')
ALG_BANK2 = ('OSC1 Balance', 'F1 Freq', 'F1 Resonance', 'F1 Type', 'OSC2 Balance', 'F2 Freq', 'F2 Resonance', 'F2 Type')
ALG_BANK3 = ('FEG1 Attack', 'FEG1 Decay', 'FEG1 Sustain', 'FEG1 Rel', 'FEG2 Attack', 'FEG2 Decay', 'FEG2 Sustain', 'FEG2 Rel')

Control Surface Studio User

Ok great! That makes perfect sense! I'll give it a go here in a few.