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How to create a Track Launch mapping for your script

Submitted by John C on Fri, 06/19/2020 - 10:18
John C
Forum Admin

Hi all, I had this question via email, thought I would share the solution here.

In Ableton Live there is a mappable option to launch whichever clip is selected on a track.
We can quite easily replicate this functionality in a script using a 'Reaction' mapping type in Control Surface Studio.
I have attached to this post a simple script containing reactions which will do this for you .

After Importing the script into your copy of CSS, you will see 2 reactions:

track launch mapping

The reaction named 'track launch' will launch the selected clip on a specific track. By default it is set to track 1. To change the track number, edit the line of code which is in the text input box:
edit the track number
If for example you want it to be a track launcher for track 4, you would change tracks[0] to tracks[3]
*note that tracks are zero indexed, meaning the value you enter needs to be 1 lower than required.

If you want to launch the selected clip on the currently selected track, use the second reaction named 'slctd track launch'
There's no need to edit anything for that reaction.



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Control Surface Studio User

Hi John,
I can't see the example track launch script to download? In your text it says "I have attached to this post a simple script containing reactions which will do this for you .". Would be great to have that so I know what goes in the little entry field that lives between 'self' and '()'.

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Pro User


is there any .json file I could use for launching selected clip? I can't find the attached script you mentioned.

John C
Forum Admin

the following options will launch the currently highlighted clip (see attached screenshot also)

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Thank you John,

I just tested it. Basically I want to map play/record/overdub in one button, just like what ENTER does on an clip slot either empty or not . I already have a big session box which does that with pads but I want a single button that triggers the selected slot (I'm moving it with highlight navigation).
Another way would be to have an 1x1 box inside the big session box and moving that instead of moving highlight navigation but as I guess I cannot move 2 boxes indepedently in the same script so that causes other issues. Let me know if there is a way to do that in Reactions.

Thanks again

Pro User

Ok I figured it out it was much simpler. I changed the code to

Thank you for your time

Control Surface Studio User

Here is the solution to make it work once and for all (sorry I'm not a native english speaker):

I wanted to be able to fire the selected clip with a footswitch (what ENTER does) I tried this solution for more than an hour without managing to get it to work but I finally found the solution!
There was an error in your script; there is a point missing at the begining of the script. So the script would be :
. song()

Here is the exact step to make it work (in live 11) :
-add mapping -> reactions
-reactions=1 (or more if you need)
-in your reaction choose your button/control/pad
-delete the second line with the minus sign (you won't need a condition)
-on the third line find "self" on the first dropdown menu
-add this text to the editable box :


-change the "=" to "()" in the second dropdown menu
That's it !
CSS is very usefull for people who don't know how to script but it lacks a lot of simple feature (like this one) without having to use the reactions. I also think we need more documentation on how to use the reactions. So please when you have a solution like this one make a post on the blog or a video and not just a quick post in the forum. That said, thank you for this program. You did a very good job to correct the bugs since last year and I hope CSS wil continue to evolve this way.

Control Surface Studio User

im still having trouble mapping the launching. Can anyone help me? Also my script disappeared from the app after trying this and exporting.