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How to control currently selected parameter in Live

Submitted by ish on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 08:59
Pro User

Is there a way to create a mapping to the last selected parameter in Live? i.e. the control that you last clicked on with the mouse in Live, the one that is 'highlighted' by the four corners, such as the 'Pan' control in the attached image?

And can this also work with controls within devices, say for example, a filter or LFO control in Analog, or depth control in a reverb?

Basically, I'm trying to map an encoder within a mode so that it can adjust whatever device control I click on with a mouse (other otherwise select).

Any ideas?

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John C
Forum Admin

Not currently, but it will be possible to target the selected parameter in the upcoming update to Reactions.
(ie send, panning, device params etc)