How can I backup my Control Surface Studio config?

Submitted by bhzdkh on Sun, 03/03/2019 - 01:17
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How can I backup my config? It is so easy to delete a Script that I worked many hours on! make me nervous haha.
Is there a way to backup the config as file?


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John Carney
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Hi Behzad,

A couple of way :)
1 Scripts installed into Live contain a copy of the Script.json file. So if you do accidentally delete it, you can import it back in from there.
2 You can copy the config folder directly from your Home Directory > Control Surface Studio.
Inside the 'Control Surface Studio' folder contains a 'Script' and 'Controller' folder which contain all of your Scripts/Controllers respectively.

p.s. the next release of the App will add export buttons next to you Scripts & Controllers, which will make it super easy.

Control Surface Studio User

Awesome!!!! looking forward to that export button to save all this hassle :)