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Highlight navigation, tracks scroll with an Allen and Heath K2 Endless encoder

Submitted by noimah on Thu, 02/03/2022 - 19:30
Control Surface Studio User

Hi guys,

Has someone managed to scroll the session box or the selected track with an Allen and heath K2 endless encoder? I am trying to achieve it but somehow works faulty and I think it's due to the fact that it jumps 127 steps. The endless encoder is sending the following:

Control type: relative
left: 127
right: 1
steps: 127

Thanks in advance!

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Control Surface Studio User

Hi noimah,,
Try 'Steps: 1', that should do it.

Control Surface Studio User


I tried now with Steps 1 and I can move the selected track but is not working properly. I can reach on the right only my first return track and afterwards it jumps to my second track. Any other options to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Control Surface Studio User

Hello noimah,
This seems to be a bug, which will be addressed in one of the next updates.
@benwadub found a solution/workaround which works really good: https://remotify.io/community/question/highlight-navigation-update-retur....

Control Surface Studio User

Hi 303_,

Thanks for the workaround.
In the end I have setup a reaction with Endless 1 moved being the trigger and two actions for left and right as follows:
Action 1 move left
Endless 1 latest velocity equal to 1
custom code action
self.application().view.zoom_view(3, "", False)

Action 2 move right
Endless 1 latest velocity equal to 127
self.application().view.zoom_view(2, "", False)

This did the trick, thanks again for it!

Control Surface Studio User

Thank you for the feedback, it is always nice to see how CSS users solve their problems!
Till next time.

Pro User

So this solution does work for me as well at least in regards to the track highlight selector… Can you tell me what the custom call would be to apply this to the session box in regards to track moves and more importantly in regards to session moves… I'm sure the code is posted somewhere in regards to the custom code calls... but i haven found the .h file that has the subrotine calls yet...