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Highlight Navigation Relative to Session Box

Submitted by picky-picasso on Tue, 04/05/2022 - 08:42
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I think I can use Reactions to do this, but is there not a simpler (more elegant) way to highlight eg the first track of the session box?

Barring that, how would I do this using reaction?

'Listen' to the select-relative-to-session button1
Highlight Track x, where x is track one IN the session box.

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To do this you would need to use the modifier option in the 'highlight navigation' mapping type, and then use reactions to set the modifier to the correct value.

I've attached a script to do this. Set the 4 'Highlight Navigation x' mappings to your buttons, you will see that each of these are using a modifier for the track number. These modifiers are set/managed in the reactions named 'modifier - track x relative to sess box'.

Pro User

Thanks so much Joihn!!!

I wasn't sure if 'offset' would work - because you can also set the 'offset' of the box, so I did need that bit of code.

I'm VERY stingy with Modifiers, because they're so versatile, so I was loathe to use up 8 just for this. I skipped them and did it by adding reactions for the 'select' buttons where - when the button is pressed -

SelectSessionTrack1: self.set_highlighted_track(self.get_sessbox_track_offset())
SelectSessionTrack2: self.set_highlighted_track(self.get_sessbox_track_offset()+1)


It's actually more elegant as it avoids tracking the session box (since the offset is a stable environment variable.)

Control Surface Studio User

Hey guys,
I am searching a solution for the same issue. For me it is not really clear what you do based on the uploaded script. Using the modifier makes "sense" but how look the other settings? Could anyone of you upload a pic of the settings?


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@Pro User, can you provide more detailed instructions as to how you accomplished this? I haven't been able to get it to work using John's directions.

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Additional Note: Right now I am using Highlight Navigation to select tracks, and a Session Box that includes all 12 channels on my Faderfox MX-12. This method sends feedback to the MX-12 which overrides the toggle and keeps the LED light on. Switching is very simple and I always know which track is selected from the LED light.

However, it is not clear how the Highlight Navigation can follow the Session Box. I have three Session Box Navigation triggers for a total of 36 tracks in Ableton. Under these conditions, what is the best method for track selection that follows the session box? Seems like there should be a simple solution, as I would imagine this kind of control is very common. A clear explanation would be most appreciated! Thanks!!!

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I need a reply too...

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What i do is that i organize my tracks in groups, assign modifiers to the groups and set the Session boxes in relation to the group via modifier. Then you can also do the Highlight stuff in relation to the modifier and it all works together.

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Hello, can you explain, I don't understand how to do this......