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Highlight Navigation Problem | Folded Tracks

Submitted by tobiassen on Fri, 11/18/2022 - 21:00
Control Surface Studio User

I'm adding this question to bugs (because it clearly is a bug):

The "Highlight Navigation" Mapping works for scenes, but if you have folded tracks, it does not work for tracks with higher index than the folded tracks as described in the thread above.

I did a work around with this reaction:

(*or another track relative to sessbox)

AND changing the pythong code in the .py file from:

def set_highlighted_track(self, n): =[n]


def set_highlighted_track(self, n): =[self.track_num(n)]

...this took me quite some time to figure out and of course is annoying to work with.
A more smoother implementation would be great!?!...

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Control Surface Studio User

btw: "Arm" from the track selector seems to have the same problem...

Control Surface Studio User
#2 bad, "arm" from the track selector works fine!