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Highlight Navigation Problem | Folded Tracks

Submitted by theii on Thu, 11/10/2022 - 00:59
Control Surface Studio User

Noobie here... How do I ignore folded tracks with Highlight Navigation? Using two K2's, selecting each track with the buttons up top. I have "include folded tracks" set to No in Track Selector options, but I'm still highlight folded tracks with each corresponding button push. Appreciate the help!

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Control Surface Studio User

Hey another Noob here and I seem to have the same issue / bug:
example: tracks 6-11 grouped and folded in group track 5, session box on track 12
I want to highlight track 12 and I get the error: track is invisible
Problem seems to be that the session offset is 6 (it's the 6th visible track) but the highlight function refers to the absolute track number and track 6 is currently hidden.
I don't have any idea how to code around that...
Help indeed appreciated!

Control Surface Studio User

to be more precise:
"get_sessbox_track_offset" refers to the visible track number and "set_highlighted_track" refers to the absolute track number.
When you have folded tracks these aren't the same.
Is there something like "set_highlighted_visible_track"??

Control Surface Studio User