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Highlight Navigation isn't working

Submitted by Radeus on Thu, 03/19/2020 - 22:59
Control Surface Studio User


I have set highlight navigation on my midi fighter twister for scrolling tracks.
Knob to relative, left 1, right 127, steps 1.

When I run the script, Ableton keeps on saying that this control doesn't exist in this session.
I currently have 14 tracks open.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Forum Admin

The encoders on the Twister aren't relative, they are absolute.
I would recommend using the already built Twister Controller Template: https://remotify.io/midi-controller/midi-fighter-twister-controller#over...
Try out our free script (SendStorm) for the Twister which includes highlight control: https://remotify.io/ableton-midi-script/sendstorm-midi-fighter-twister-a...
And we also have a blog post / video on building the above script here: https://remotify.io/blog/building-ableton-live-script-midi-fighter-twister

Control Surface Studio User

Hi, I may have a similar issue....

I'm using CSS ver. 2.5.6 with a custom script I've created for the FCB1010 (Uno chip). My goal is to be able to switch between loopers (each looper plugin as a device on a separate track). I followed the tutorial on Controlling Ableton Live tracks (https://youtu.be/iYApczPkvm0), but cannot get the increment/decrement 2-button approach to work using the Highlight Navigation mapping. I'm attempting to use foot switch/buttons 9 and 10 on the controller. Is this a limitation of the pedalboard's foot switch type?

Incidentally, I've also been unable to otherwise select between tracks and am wondering if my setup requires a special strategy.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Forum Admin

Hi Bill,
As long as the pedals are sending the correct midi data, then you should be to do this.
Is the Midi data set correctly in the controller template? an easy way to check this would be if they work with other mappings, maybe starting/stopping playback.

Control Surface Studio User

Hey John,

Thanks for your message. It's good to know that it should work and is likely an oversight on my part. I'll re-check the controller template settings and see if I can get the Highlight Navigation to work. I'll post an update as soon as I can. BTW, I really love this product!

Thanks again!


Jushia Tuphou
Control Surface Studio User

Hi John,

tl;dr - Highlight Navigation does not move across folded group tracks or return tracks. It should be possible to navigate across all tracks

I'm also having problems with Highlight Navigation (and Session Box. Maybe it's my expectation not matching achievable functionality, but Highlight Navigation should work the same as the Left/Right Arrow buttons on a QWERTY keyboard, right? That's how this nav type is working with my Push1 (native Live mode) anyway.

The issue I've hit on concerns Grouped Tracks...

My session-view-based template comprises 12 sets of grouped tracks, plus 4 ungrouped tracks.

Each grouped track comprises 7 tracks. So when I unfold a group, I have the group on fader 1 and 7 channel faders. When all groups are folded, I have 8 group faders sitting under my Session Box. Track objects in my script have "Include folded tracks = NO" setting. This gives me the track functionality I'm after.

With all groups are folded, I highlight group 1 and press the button I've assigned to move to the right (I've followed the same tutorial video Bill mentions above). The highlight does not move.

I then unfold group 1, press the 'steps right 1 increment' button and the highlight moves. This can be repeated as far as the next grouped track. I unfold that group and can move right again.

If I highlight one of my ungrouped tracks at the extreme right of my channels, I can only navigate between these 4 channels. The movement is bounded by a group to their left and the returns to their right (which has been reported elsewhere in this forum)

Note that with Push and QWERTY arrow keys, it's possible to navigate across grouped, ungrouped, return and master tracks as if there were no difference between types. CSS is not mirroring this behaviour.

I have tried changing the Track object settings to "Include folded tracks = Yes". This did not change Highlight Navigation behaviour.

Session Box Navigation was also not working for me, until I deleted a second Session Box Navigation object from another Mode (I hoped to have Mode 1a have a session box on group/tracks 1-8 and Mode 2a's session box be focussed on group/tracks 9-16, but this does not look possible. I guess I could use the same buttons link to each Mode's respective Selector, but I really wanted to avoid linking mode selection with moving the highlight (though I can see value in both linked and unlinked). Anywho, this is all out of scope for this thread as I've managed to get Session Box moving :)


OSX 10.14.6
Live 11.0.2