Submitted by trash116 on Thu, 01/18/2018 - 10:31
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I've tested the free it. But I just want to check something before I buy the full version.

I run Ableton 9 on Windows 10, I want to write a script to map controls for a third party plug in --- Tal Uno Lx.... It's a soft synth. I want to be able to control the parameters on it so I get a hands on experience like real hardware. And I want this to be available everytime I open Ableton and load up that plug in.

Will the paid version allow me to do this?

Many thanks

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John Carney
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You can create mappings to control a group of 8 parameters and also mappings to bank up and down through all parameters for a device.
Hope this helps.


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I would like to use Remotify with 1 or 2 DJ Techtools Midi Fighter Twister to acces to the selected channel Eq, comp and gate parameters (like on a digital console). It will be third party plugins like DMG or fabfilter. The goal is to use Live as a digital mixer with eq, comp and gate inserted on every channel. To do this I really need more than 8 parameters, I think 16 or 20 would be OK. Is that possible to do this with the PRO account or is this limited to 8 parameters? Is there a way to achieve this?
please let me know.
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John Carney
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The current version is limited to 8 parameters with the ability to bank through more groups o 8.
The new version which is currently under development should allow you to add 16/20 parameters on a bank.