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Grid value error

Submitted by Marcus on Thu, 01/23/2020 - 17:29
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Good day, got some reporting to do, and also have a question,,

Firstly, congratulations with the CSS, I love the updates you made for it.

First the bug, it's not a huge one.
I made a Launchpad mk2 controller and script, and for the controller I used 3 grids for the pads, the first for the 64 main pads, then 8 for the side buttons, and 8 for the top cc buttons.
But when I try to build a script with that, I noticed that when assigning a parameter to (for instance) pad 8 from the second grid, it jumps to pad 8 from the first grid when I select an other parameter to edit.
It does not do this with all functions, but it made (for instance) parameter feedback on mode selection impossible.

And the question I have is,,, I can not figure out how to select (highlight) return tracks, I made 16 track selection buttons with highlight Navigation, but they only want to select normal tracks, return tracks are ignored, do you have a method to select them ?

Kind regards,,

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your comments.
Yes only 1 grid can be used for a controller at the time unfortunately.

With the highlight navigation mapping type, you're correct its not possible to select return tracks.
However, you can instead do this using a 'select device' mapping type.
1. Add a track mapping type and set it to the return track of your choice.
2. Add a Device inside this track (you can just leave the device selector for this set to 1 unless you also want to select a certain device with your button press).
3. Add a Select Device mapping type and assign it to your button.

When you press the physical button on your controller, it will go to the return track and highlight the device.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, John.

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Cool, thanks John, I will try it out, best regards, Marcus