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Glorious Reactions & Session Boxes - Final Stages Build Questions

Submitted by GuyCoMusic on Mon, 02/15/2021 - 18:04
Control Surface Studio User

Hey John and everyone,

I'm in my final stages of building my script and after reading most of the community posts and the darkest places on Google , I found no answers to these questions I've summed up here.
Hopefully, with your help we can shed some light on these topics for me and for those who will search for a solution in the future,
and we will be on our path for GLORY =D

* I tried to be as clear as I can and use the right terminology for future easy searches.
** I used "Delete/Duplicate" together just as an example for LOMs I'm trying to implicate, because I figure the LOMs will be different but the access should be the same and that's where I'm struggling a bit.

Huge thanks in advance for all your help for this whole community and me.
Best regards,

1. How to Delete/Duplicate specific Clips in a Session Box?
or - how to reach a specific clip slot in the Session Box grid?

I'm trying to use different LOMs, like Delete/Duplicate, on a specific clip in the session box I created, but I don't know how to reach it.
What I'm trying to do is very simple, press a pad/button and it will perform a LOM action (like Delete/Duplicate) on that specific clip in the session box grid.
not: highlighted_clip_slot
but something like:[self.track_num(1)]
(for a specific clip not track)

2. How to Delete/Duplicate all the Clips in a Scene from the Session Box?

The intention here is pressing a button and it will
- Delete all the existing clips within a specific scene represented in the session box (but keep the scene and scene structure, not deleting the scene),
- Duplicate all the clips from a specific scene represented in the session box to the scene below (but keeping the scene and scene structure, not adding another scene), I understand that it would add scenes eventually.

3. How to Delete/Duplicate specific Clips in a Track from the Session Box (but keep the tracks and tracks structure, not adding a track)

Same as in question 2, but here I think duplicating will be harder since Ableton duplicate clips to the slot beneath, it would be amazing to be able to duplicate the clips to the next existing track to the right, but down will also work (I understand that it would add scenes eventually).
The deleting is the important part here, and keeping the scene/track structure.

4. Reactions to endless encoders

In general, how do you set quantifiable reactions using endless encoder (knob)?
all I know by now is how to intercept a On/Off message
or to be more precise - a specific value of velocity.
* By default and before changing, the LEDs should indicate the current value or last inputed value.

in more detail, Im trying to make the following:
a. Swing amount to an endless encoder (knob)
b. Groove amount to an endless encoder (knob)

c. Quantization amount to an endless encoder (knob),
this one is a bit more tricky,
I have 5 buttons, each doing post-recording quantization (works with
fixed values for input1 and input2).
what I'm trying to do is to control the amount of quantization
(Input2 of the buttons) with the encoder before firing those buttons:
Input1: quantization_grid [int]
Input2: amount [double]

the way I want it to work is to have an endless encoder (knob) that will
determine the amount of quantization for the buttons input2 before I press
them, then when I do press any one of the 5 buttons already set with
input1, input 2 will be set by the encoder current value and then the
button will fire the action.
By default (before changing) value and LED induction of the encoder
should be set to what you set it the last time you quantized (like the way it
works in Ableton),
if not possible, then by default should be set to 0.8 then you can change it
from that.

5. How to set Record on launch scene?

The way I want this to work is like the option in Ableton's settings but I want it to work only for specific buttons and not change the global settings in Ableton.
Let's say i have my launch scene buttons for the session box set
and aside them another set of buttons which i want to launch the scene and start recording clips on all the armed tracks for that specific scene in the session box.

6. How to make navigation keys like the keyboard arrows for "highlighting" clips slots, tracks and scenes.

7. Device lock across multiple modes?
I saw several posts about this and didn't really understand if that is doable in CSS.
I know i can just set the encoders for a specific device, but i want to have the flexibility of choosing that device in Ableton and not making a new script every time I want to change the selected locked device.

I think I'm close:
"The appointed device is the one used by a control surface unless the control surface itself chooses which device to use. It is marked by a blue hand" (

and all the best for you and the team.

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