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Submitted by aehaem on Fri, 02/16/2018 - 22:50
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just wanted to ask if it´s possible to add a fold/unfold command to Remotify.
If I would be able to (eg) have a specific track unfold with a corresponding mode I could group my Tracks and just open that track I am currently working on and simultaneously set the sessionbox to that track.
That would enlarge the whole range of tracks enormously...
I already can fold or unfold my grouped Tracks with Isotoniks BCRXL, so it seems to be possible at all, but I need this feature for my foot controller, so your my last resort...
Please help me, otherwise thanks for reading
Sincerely, Dennis

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John Carney
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Hi Dennis,

I'll add it to our development list, I don't think we've been asked for this one before but if someone else has done it then its a good sign we can too :)


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Hi John,

Thank you for this amazing app! I'm having a lot of fun with it and it really helps to adjust my midi controllers to large Ableton templates.
I wanted to ask if it would be possible to add this " ranch tool" so I could bring up the device and browse thru the preset list or adjust parameters within plugins. I added a photo because I'm not sure what this parameter is called.

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APC40 mk2 has the fold unfold built in to the factory map if you hold down the 'Track Select' button - would be awesome if someone knew how to reverse engineer that. The only way I can do it otherwise is with the computer keyboard.

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With BCRXL you have to select a track twice to open /close the folded Tracks, selected Track control has also a Track fold/unfold command...
Would be so cool to open(unfold) a Track, while jumping the SessionBox in it`s range and close(fold) the Track I was using at last, all at once...

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Any update on this function?