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[Fixed] Why Controllers detach from Scripts

Submitted by John Carney on Wed, 10/16/2019 - 11:05
John Carney
Forum Admin

I've been testing an issue where the controller gets removed from the 'controller' menu in the script settings.

This happens when you re-arrange the order of controllers inside the controller manager (includes deleting controllers too). If the position of the controller changes then the script will try to attach to the controller which has taken its previous position.
This leads to inputs being removed in your script when you view it in the script manager and you may see this error:
'Check all 'Controller Input' selections in your Mappings! This Controller is missing some Controller Inputs which your Script was using. The missing 'Controller Input' assignments have been reset.'
Or the 'no controller is selected' warning inside mappings.

Best thing to do to avoid this happening is don't re-order your controllers.
If you do, make sure you re-select the controller in your script asap.

We are working on a fix for this.



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John Carney
Forum Admin

The fix for this is now available in version 2.5.2 released today.
See changelog for more details on this update: