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[Fixed] Important info regarding Ableton Live 11 and our MIDI Remote Scripts

Submitted by Remotify Team on Wed, 12/16/2020 - 20:33
Remotify Team
Forum Admin

Hi all,

As we are beginning to get a lot of people reporting that their scripts do not work in Ableton Live 11 Beta, we thought it best to leave a message here with some details.

The main thing to note is that Ableton Live 11 is moving their MIDI remote script codebase to Python 3 (from Python 2).
Due to syntax changes in Python 3, pretty much any custom/third party midi remote script built to work with Python 2x / Ableton 9 or 10 will not work in 11; this unfortunately includes any scripts built using our Web App or Control Surface Studio.
(Its possible that you might get lucky and a very simple script built using the Web App could scrape through into 11, but in general they will not work).

We are in the process of getting access to the 11 Beta program and will be working on upgrading our scripts to Python 3/Ableton 11.
The scope of the work isn't yet clear but we can assure you that we will be working feverishly on the upgrade.

Future updates related to this will be added here.

Thank you,
The Remotify Team

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Control Surface Studio User

please do get css working with live 11, i dont have 11 yet, however I'll be getting upgraded by Ableton when 11 is released, if it doesn't work with 11, the money i spent on control surface studio would go waste...please upgrade css to work with live 11

Control Surface Studio User

my scripts were working up to Beta21 and stopped working in Ableton11Beta22

Control Surface Studio User

for those of you that need this desperately here is a simple solution, just use pip 2to3 converter to convert the script and it will work, I just did it.
You need to have python installed, and then follow this document to install 2to3 converter and convert your scripts

John C
Forum Admin

Thanks for your comments bhzdkh, they're very helpful!.

Control Surface Studio User

Hey bhzdkh, could you please help? I think I'm very close. I've been able to get python installed and everything seemed to have worked, but my script isn't coming up in Ableton 11. What is the key command to get that 'underscore with the dot over it'?

Control Surface Studio User

Showing my support for this topic!

John C
Forum Admin

Hey all. We have just released version 2.5.6 which provides full support for scripts in Ableton Live 11 .
Read here for more details: