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final word on Xone K2 Leds

Submitted by FLTR on Mon, 10/07/2019 - 11:28
Control Surface Studio User

hello, I'm new to Remotify and I need to know some important infos prior to purchasing the desktop app:
For a start, the main reason I want to use Remotify is that I want to build a peculiar remote controller based on Xone K2.
Now, the main problem is that Xone K2 has a peculiar way it handles LED Feedback: not velocity but midi notes.
I read and watched some tutorials about Remotify and it looks like you cannot really change LED feedback if not by midi velocity, and not midi notes.
Is there any workaround for it? Thank You!

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John Carney
Forum Admin


We don't currently have a K2 here to test this, but from reading posts around the net it sounds like you will need to use a MIDI translator like Bomes to translate the output velocity values into Note values.

Maybe an actual K2 owner can confirm this?

Control Surface Studio User

Thank you for the quick reply!
Do you think it would be possible to add an option in Remotify Control Surface Studio - Led Feedback where you could choose between velocity and midi notes? This would solve the problem.

John Carney
Forum Admin

If this is the only controller which uses midi notes to display LEDs then probably not but if its quite a common method then yes we can look into adding this option.

The other option would be to use Reactions to achieve this. This will need an update too (but an update is needed anyway) so is a more likely solution in the short term.

Pro User

I'm also interested in the subject. Are there any news?

Pro User

also QUNEO when used in drum pad mode uses different notes for green or red leds .......the velocity can be useful only for the brightness of the single color